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Edible-Therapeutic Sea Salt and Mountain Salt-Therapeutic

High-purity grade 1 salt contains minerals that the body needs to give excellent taste to food, cure and prevent many diseases caused by a mineral deficiency in the body. This salt is obtained from the seas and lakes of clean salt in Iran. Oral-therapeutic mountain salt: High purity grade 1 salt with minerals required by the body that while giving an excellent taste in food, treatment, and prevention of many diseases is caused by a lack of minerals in the body. This salt is obtained from the salty mountains of Iran and is very clean and free of impurities.



Mineral Salt Rock and Low Purity Mine Salt

Halite, more commonly known as rock salt, is a mineral formed from sodium chloride. Its chemical formula is NaCl and this also includes other variations of salt such as common salt and table saltRock salt tends to be the industrial name used for Halite. … Salt occurs in beds of sedimentary evaporite minerals. Also, placing a salt rock in the home and workplace eliminates negative energy and disinfects the space. Low purity mine salt: Low purity salt to disinfect fruits and vegetables, as well as for rinsing the mouth and teeth, and making whitening and exfoliating face masks. Also, using this salt, you can provide a saltwater bath, which eliminates negative body energies and reduces body pain. Also, salt water bath eliminates skin diseases, local infections and gynecological infections.



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Salt is one of the most widely used food condiments in the world and is not only a food flavoring , but also one of the substances on which human health depends. Because it has a complete source of minerals. Soor salt collection has been active for many years in the field of supplying high-quality and pure salts for food-therapeutic use and salts for special uses such as livestock and disinfectants, from mines and lakes Iranian salt mines.
Iran’s salt resources are high quality and have the best and healthiest types of salt that are ready to be supplied in various ways around the world.



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